Massachusetts Chapter - Knights of Saint Andrew
On a hot summer day... 185 people participate in the first induction and meeting of this Massachusetts Chapter.
VM Francis Hart knighting our newest inductees
Knights enjoying dinner and fraternalism.
SK Herb Berry getting ready to do some painting.
SK Derek Androvett and SK Richard Goetz doing some painting in our new home
Our first Novitiates... 85 Brothers taking their oath as Sir Knights.
"BLACK WATCH GUARD"1st.Lt.: Richard E. Goetz C.O.T.B.W. Sir Kt. Michael A. Nemeth  Sergeant.: John Ferrante III "2016"
"OFFICERS" Hospitaler.: Derek Androvett Sentinal.: Herbert Berry B.W.G. Sergeant.: John Ferrante III "2016"
"OFFICERS"Preceptor.: Richard E. Goetz V.∙.Francis M. Hart Prior.: Paul J. Malagrifa "2016"
Massachusetts Chapter of the Knights Ecossais of St. Andrew is a service organization chartered under Massachusetts Consistory in the Valley of Boston. 
​Our purpose is to serve the members of the Scottish Rite and have a lot of fun doing it!

Membership is open to all 32º Scottish Rite Masons who have not received the Meritorious Service Award(MSA).
We have two major events each year: The Banquet of Bannockburn, on or near June 23rd; and the Feast of St. Andrew on or near November 30th. We induct our newest Knights at these events. On the more social side, we hold casual events that we call "Knights night out". These events range from beer tasting at the Harpoon Brewery to a spectacular night of entertainment at the North Shore Music Theatre. We hold these events as a way to introduce our membership and their families to one another and to enjoy each others company.  

We serve the members of the Valley of Boston in many capacities. We perform duties such as greeters, tylers, ushers, and registrars. All members are welcome to participate! The enthusiasm of newly initiated members makes the Knights of St. Andrew one of the Valley of Boston’s most active and enjoyable organizations. It is an excellent way to nurture and develop future leaders as they learn their organizational and leadership skills, explore the inner structures of the Scottish Rite, and gain a deeper admiration for our Order and Brethren who work in Freemasonry as a whole!

If you are interested in joining, or simply need further information,please contact us at: 
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Venerable Master:
Chief of Staff:

V.∙. Bro.      Francis M. Hart
Sir Kt. Bro. Nathaniel R.J. Ulrich
Sir Kt. Bro. Paul J. Malagrifa
Sir Kt. Bro. Fred A. Dobson
Sir Kt. Bro. Scott M. Sherman
Sir Kt. Bro. Kenneth G. Sallale
Sir Kt. Bro. John A. Moore
Sir Kt. Bro. Richard E. Goetz
Sir Kt. Bro. Derek R. Androvett
Sir Kt. Bro. Robert Corsetti
Sir Kt. Bro. Gary M. Watson
Sir Kt. Bro. Herbert W. Berry
Sir Kt. Bro. Joseph M. Valadez
Sir Kt. Bro. Kenneth W. Pfeiffer 

KSA Application (2016)
                          BLACK WATCH GUARD

Captain of the Black Watch: Sir Kt. Bro Michael S. Nemeth 
1st Lt.:      Richard E. Goetz
2nd Lt.:     Jeffrey T. Ross
Sergeant: Derek R. androvett
Sergeant: Gary M. Watson Sr.
Sergeant: Herbert W. Berry
Sergeant: John F. Sullivan
Sergeant: John Ferrante III
Sergeant: Joseph M. Valadez
Sergeant: Scott M. Sherman    
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